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Within the sectors we operate, the achievement of the standards predetermined by our clients is paramount. To successfully achieve, our team of professionals:

  • Ensure that QA/QC related business improvement and change is managed in a fit for purpose and focussed manner
  • Manage business improvement and change in a fit for purpose and focussed manner
  • Build effective working relationships with other departments in Companies and other parties as appropriate
  • Are responsible for applying the controls specified by the client
  • Assist with the development of new procedures
  • Maintain the document control disciplines essential for effective Quality Management
  • Are responsible for promoting a positive quality culture throughout the project
  • Establish Quality Plans for projects
  • Promote standards of best practice based on the principles established in the core values
  • Influence personnel to incorporate quality methods
  • Assist with the delivery of quality support throughout the projects as required
  • Establish Supplier Quality Requirements
  • Undertake monitoring and measuring activities to monitor and measure compliance
  • Conduct internal audits (onshore and offshore) to measure compliance to the documented requirements
  • Conduct supplier audits to ensure compliance to quality and contractual requirements in accordance with the supplier approval program
  • Assist with the collation and analysis of performance data against defined parameters
  • Monitor implementation of Project Quality Requirements via document review, site visits, audits, Inspection Reports etc.
  • Manage the close out of NCRs arising on the Project and reviewing for trends
  • Undertake Performance Review on a regular basis to measure the effectiveness of the system

QA/QC Records


Particularly within the energy sector where as built records and handover documentation has huge importance, our QA/QC personnel ensure that these documents contain all of the required information which is validated as being correct.

Typical duties that are undertaken include:
  • Establish and maintain a proven QA/QC document control system. Set up an electronic data management system to suit the Project requirements. Manage and process all documentation to/from the Contractors, Consultants, and Vendors related to established commissioning and hand-over procedures in consultation with the QA/QC Manager
  • Ensure proper storage of documents in both electronic and hard copy formats.
  • Prepare and maintain logs of documents issued and received.
  • Archive QA/QC Project documentation with indexing and cataloguing.
  • Provide drawings, standards and technical information to Project staff as required.
  •  Provide training to colleagues in use of the document control system.
  • Contribute to Company’s continuous improvement in HSE performance and quality management by ensuring safety, environmental and quality standards are maintained with the workplace.