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Project Management

Project Management is the discipline of planning, securing, organising and managing resources for the successful completion of a project or series of projects.

Long O Donnell Associates believe that proactive Project Management is vital to ensure that projects succeed in terms of achieving core deliverables that include time, cost and performance. To achieve these deliverables four core areas must be addressed which include Efficiency, Reliability, Flexibility and Innovation.

Our team of Project Managers have been developed from the above principles and have a wealth of experience across the sectors within which we operate.

Our project managers will ensure the deliveries of the key resource functions on their projects are achieved to complete the project as required.


We continue to be involved in managing major energy and infrastructure projects around the world, and in addition our experience includes unrivalled provision and undertaking of the defined role of Project Manager within the NEC suite of contracts.

We typically provide Programming services as part of our comprehensive Project Management services and deliver our projects on time, to budget and in accordance with all quality, H&S and environmental requirements.

We can provide contract programmes of work including fully resourced programmes, forensic planning and utilisation of industry software packages such as Primavera and Microsoft Project to support our clients in delivering projects to agreed time and budget.

The effective planning and programming of projects throughout all stages ensures successful delivery and demonstrable cost and task control. We are very experienced in creating, developing and managing programmes of work, including fully resourced contractual Programmes as defined in the NEC suite of contracts.

Our services extend to forensic planning, critical path analysis and assessment of programmes of work via our extensively experienced Programme Managers. This includes detailed knowledge, experience and qualifications in various programme software packages including Primavera and Microsoft Project.