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The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 are a major departure from their 2007 forbearers and place much greater responsibilities on the Client and on the Principal Designer where very little formal requirement existed previously.

The Regulations focus heavily on these “Duty-Holders” and their responsibilities within the management of any project – even very small projects.

Long O Donnell Associates have been involved in CDM from the earliest days and are well placed to provide advice and support for both Client and Principal Designers in the fulfilment of their “Duties”.

For Clients

The biggest change in the new regulations involves the Duty of Clients, who must now make sure:-

  • That sufficient time and resources are allocated to the project That relevant information is prepared and passed to other “Duty Holders”
  • That due diligence is exercised in making the key appointments
  • That the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor carry out their duties
  • To make notification (subject to threshold of project magnitude) to the HSE
  • That suitable and sufficient welfare facilities are provided on site

in order to enable safe design and construction throughout the project.

Hence, it is now enshrined in law that the Client must take steps to make sure that the project is being managed properly by companies/individuals whose qualifications and experience are suitable to the work.

For Principal Designers

There is now a formal requirement under the Regulations for the Principal Designer to:-

  • Prepare and provide advice to the Client about the Client’s Duties under CDM 2015
  • Assist the Client in preparation of Pre-Construction Information and ensure that it is adequate for purpose and passed to all those who need to see it.
  • Plan, Manage and Coordinate the Technical and Health and Safety aspects of the project through the Planning Phase
  • Identify and control Foreseeable Risks
  • Ensure the other Designers carry out their duties
  • Provide assistance to the Principal Contractor in the preparation of Health and Safety management of the Construction Phase of the project
  • Liaise with the Principal Contractor throughout the project

in order that the project is designed and constructed with regard to the safety and welfare of those who will Construct, subsequently Operate & Maintain, or otherwise be affected by, the project.

Long O Donnell Associates can provide external advice or provide experienced personnel to integrate into your project.