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Design Services

Our design and project planning phase is the first step in realising your requirement. It takes your feasibility proposals and identifies the basic foundation for your needs so that key business decisions can be evaluated as to whether to take the proposal forward to detailed engineering.

Our lead discipline engineers are true industry professionals: skilled, experienced, pragmatic experts who will support you in this decision making process. They in turn are supported by project managers, construction experts, HSQE professionals and planning experts from within our project delivery team.

This group will consider your project from factors such as, location, minimum functional requirements, constraints, cost, sustainability, and bring forward a design that can be developed into a truly best in class solution to your needs.

A concise project definition and proposed methodology is established that will set out your requirements and defines how the objectives can be met;

This will include:

  • Operating philosophy
  • Design basis
  • Risk assessments
  • Engineering standards
  • Safety obligations
  • Quality matters
  • Environmental concerns
  • Planning process