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Procurement Management


Our services are geared towards cost reduction and helping our clients to transform the effectiveness of their procurement functions while delivering significant financial benefits to their businesses. Our experience lies in finding innovative solutions to your procurement and related issues.

European Procurement Compliance

Long O Donnell provide a complete management service of the procurement cycle including compliance with European Procurement requirements such as:

  • PIN notices
  • OJEU Notices
  • Definition of evaluation process
  • Prequalification documentation and evaluations
  • Invitation to tender and evaluations
  • Negotiations and contract award recommendations
  • Debriefs to unsuccessful candidates
  • Independent validation of procurement process
  • Ensuring compliance with the Remedies Directive

The Remedies Directive

Following the introduction of the Remedies Directive 2007/66/EC it is relatively easy for a tenderer to raise an issue that can cause a procurement event to be suspended or cancelled. We act for many tenderers who believe that a tender process may not be as correct as it should be and who wish to challenge the basis of their disqualification from a process.

PQQ & Tender Preparation

Our in depth knowledge of the sectors we operate in and the procurements rules that govern them place us in a unique position to support our clients in the preparation of pre-qualification documentation and tender submissions.

Client Health Check & Audit

Carrying out a purchasing and supply chain Health Check is often the first step in understanding and benchmarking a company’s current level of performance in the supply chain market.

Purchasing Strategy

Our specialist team of purchasing consultants assist companies with their business plans including the identification, selection and implementation of management change initiatives.

In many instances it is imperative to position the purchasing and supply chain department or function at the centre of a business in order to maximise its contribution to company profitability, whilst at the same time, enabling the business to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing or strategic purchasing is the process of determining how a business develops its methods of approaching, interacting and managing the interface with its supply chain market.

Our team of purchasing consultants can help your business devise a coherent strategy to take account not only of the present day situation, but also how the market may change in the future.

Inventory Management

A common challenge amongst many companies is the need to improve the performance of their working capital invested in inventory, as well as enhancing their customer service levels. This step change often requires the implementation of simple but effective inventory management control processes.

Winning companies must be fast and nimble enough to react to changes in customer demand and to do so with very little inventory. Therefore it is imperative to know how to reduce inventory levels whilst improving availability.