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Design Appraisal

Engineering designs have the potential to affect health, safety or the environment normally require appraisal by an independent, competent person or organisation.  Design appraisal may be required at any stage of an asset’s life including, conceptual design, detailed design, commissioning, during operation or disposal.

Design appraisal is based on reviewing design drawings and documentation. We provide a comprehensive design appraisal service covering all of our market sectors of energy and infrastructure. 

As a competent organisation Long O Donnell assess whether an engineering design and its safety-related documentation and associated equipment, is safe and in accordance with the appropriate regulations, codes and standards.

Long O Donnell provide the following to many of our clients:

  • Drawing appraisal checking services for site operational drawings.
  • Ensuring that the drawing records are in accordance with the relevant drawing specifications
  • Compilation and issue of work briefs for each organisation completing the engineering drawings.
  • Management of contractual issues relating to drawing update production.
  • Provision of ad-hoc drawing modifications.