Health & Safety Policy


Our policy applies to all our workers, our subcontractors, their subcontractors, and their workers unless notified in writing that this isn’t the case. We use the term workers to cover all scenarios.

LOD acknowledges its potential to influence change in occupational health and safety management. We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for our workers and ensuring the safety of others affected by our operations and services.

Our vision is for health and safety to be a natural and integral part of the culture of LOD. We aspire to this through effective leadership and developing appropriate behaviours. This means proactively working with colleagues, clients and our supply chain to ensure that they are fully integrated into our decision, making process.

We pursue our commitment to health and safety by:

  • Continually improving our occupational health and safety management by setting risk-based objectives and targets as part of our yearly management review.
  • Promoting a vibrant safety culture through two-way communication and participation.
  • Implementing the LOD behavioural based “Stop, Take a Minute” programme.
  • Promoting the importance of the health and wellbeing of our workers, including physically, mentally and socially within the workplace.
  • Providing adequate funding and resources that contribute towards a safe and healthy working environment, including supervision, training and the appointment of competent professionals.
  • Implementing business controls, health and safety legislation and client requirements, including arrangements for crisis management, accidents, ill-health and first aid.
  • Proactively working with the industry and our partners to influence changes to health and safety.
  • Improving and assessing our health and safety performance by investing in training, awareness systems, tools and an assurance programme.
  • Implementing the LOD Behavioural Safety Training Programme.
  • Monitoring our performance and progress against objectives and targets.

We ensure that these requirements are defined within LOD Integrated Management System, which has been developed to meet the needs of our clients and our business. LOD has achieved the ISO 45001:2018 standard.

Arrangements for the control of health and safety are contained within the Integrated Management System. The effectiveness of these arrangements and our performance against company objectives and targets are routinely monitored and reported back to Senior Management. This policy will be reviewed annually as a minimum and will be brought to the attention of all workers and persons working on behalf of the Company. It will also be freely available to the public via the Company website.

The Chief Executive of LOD is responsible for the development and effective implementation of this System and Policy and for ensuring that the necessary resources are provided for its implementation through our processes.

Thomas J. O’Donnell

Chief Executive – Long O’Donnell

January 2024