Programme Management

Programme Management is the co-ordinated management of related projects, and by applying our core programme management processes, our team at Long O Donnell Associates can successfully achieve the overall programme outcomes of a client's requirements.

Programmes deliver outcomes or business benefits. The projects within a programme deliver the products that are combined to deliver outcomes. Programme management provides the link between the business strategy and the projects and is the co-ordinated management of the related projects.

Our programme managers follow a natural programme management cycle which is set out below;

  • Define the strategy
  • Evaluate candidates programmes
  • Prioritise and select programmes
  • Initiate selected programme
  • Define projects needed to achieve programme
  • Initiate projects
  • Manage programme and projects
  • Complete projects
  • Reap and monitor benefits from programme
  • Close programme
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Long O Donnell Associates provide a full spectrum of services to ensure successful international programme management within the energy and infrastructure sectors. Successfully delivering client’s business benefits from their construction programmes time and time again has provided repeated evidence of our strengths as a market leader in this field.