Construct Operate Maintain

Long O Donnell Associates are providing a number of more technical based solutions to deliver and complete projects and programmes.


Bringing to life the design concept is essential to us at Long O Donnell Associates. Our client base is seeking single point of contact for the whole of their project development though engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance and it is this demand that has been the catalyst to developing this important area of our business.


Operating facilities within the energy sector seamlessly progresses from our role within the design and delivery phases of a project or programme. As our clients have become more understanding of the broader range of skills that exist within our organisation, they have sought to make use of our best in class resources to ensure that their facilities and infrastructure are operating at optimum capacity. No one is  better placed to do this than our professionals who delivered the initial project.


Maintenance of facilities that we have provided and operate is the final piece of the lifecycle process that our clients seek. It ensures end to end seamless transition for their investment whilst again utilising the skilled resources that have brought to life their visions.

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Long O Donnell Associates is required time and time again to provide a broader and more diverse range of services to support our existing client base. The widening of our skillset in a controlled manner enables us to meet client needs at the required standard whilst allowing us to grow our business steadily but effectively.