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Regulation Changes: CDM 2015

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Regulation Changes: CDM 2015

 With the new Construction, (Design and Management), Regulations, (CDM), due to come into effect this year, Long O Donnell have been busy working alongside all of our clients to ensure we are all ready when the new changes come into effect.

 The regulations are due to revise and bring together provisions within the existing CDM regulations 1994 as well as the Construction (Health Safety and Welfare) regulations 1996. Bringing both these regulations into a single regulatory package will affect the responsibilities of both the Planning Supervisor, (to be renamed CDM Co-ordinator), and the client.

 The amendments are seen to be a huge step forward in the health and safety wellbeing of employees by HSE and other regulatory bodies. It is envisaged that the new regulations will also provide a more robust role when managing the CDM aspects on a construction site.

 In order to ensure that both Long O Donnell and our clients are ready to make the change, our CDM manager for UK operations, Bob Baddeley, will be assisting us. As part of the roll out, Bob will be delivering a presentation to clients as a key mechanism to provide this valuable update.


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Regulation Changes: CDM 2015