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The first 4th Generation Football Pitch in the UK

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Egerton Youth Club, a registered charity, was founded in 1946 by the Right Honourable Maurice Fourth Baron Egerton of Tatton.

Lord Egerton held the view that by helping and educating the boys of Knutsford through their leisure time activities they would develop their physical and mental capacities and so become mature and responsible members of society.

Since 1964 the Club has functioned and operated to provide the young people of Knutsford with the facilities and support to meet and take part in sport, leisure and social activities. Our Chief Executive, Tom O’Donnell has been invited to act as one of the Trustees of this registered charity providing time and energy to support its role in the local community.

Long O Donnell Associates supported these local charities and on behalf of both Egerton Youth Club and Egerton Football Club has completed the construction of the first 4th generation artificial football pitch in the UK.

The success of this new 4G pitch has enticed additional interest from outside of the Knutsford area. The facility has now become home to Macclesfield Town Football Club as their training facility to generate much needed income for these two important local charities.


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The first 4th Generation Football Pitch in the UK