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EDF Energy is contracted to own and operate the electricity distribution systems on a number of military sites in the Salisbury and Aldershot areas for a period of 35 years. Within the contract EDF Energy must complete a number of asset replacement and network improvement projects.

The work included in this package of work includes a full spectrum of CDM Co-ordinating as detailed in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. Projects include High Voltage works for EDF Energy Airports Heathrow which include works on an existing live substation, alterations to the existing switch room, providing a new mezzanine floor, alterations to the external bund, new cable trenching and cable bridge steelwork. In addition, with EDF Energy MoD which include 33 and 11kV network improvements, construction of switch rooms, installation of transformers and bunds plus CDM Audits for EDF Energy Rail.

Projects include:

  • Project Allenby
  • Bulford to Ratflyn 33kV Network Improvements
  • New 11kV connections for Gibraltar Barracks
  • 33/6.6kV Tidworth Transformer Replacement
  • Ratfyn to Strangways 33kV Circuits
  • Oil Containment Strangways 33/6.6kV Transformer
  • Aldershot 11Kv Connections
  • Aldershot Switch Room Construction
  • Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal
  • Abberton Reservoir
  • Heathrow South Intake Switch Room
  • Heathrow Building 705 Refurbishment

To support EDF Energy, Long O Donnell Associates are providing project and contract management, including CDM Co-ordination Service and Health, Safety Management. The key roles and duties are listed below:

  • Provision of F10 notifications
  • Production of pre-tender Health & Safety Information Pack
  • Assist the contractor in developing the Health & Safety Pack
  • Attend pre-contract meetings
  • Compile Health & Safety file for the project databooks
  • Production of Site Waste Management Plan
CDM Co-ordination
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New Power Framework