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South African Division established

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Following our growth and expansion throughout the UK and Ireland, Long O Donnell Associates has now moved into the international market of South Africa, establishing the South Africa Division, providing commercial services on major multi product pipelines to current and new clients.

The first commission was an 850km 24” pipeline link from Durban and Johannesburg, a fast track project to be delivered within 18 months. Long O Donnell Associates implemented the strategy for subcontract tender award and managed with a value in excess of €250M.

In addition Long O Donnell Associates managed the change associated with the project risk. The design is not complete and the contract has been awarded as a project cost contract. Long O Donnell Associates has therefore further obligations to administer the target cost price.

The provision of commercial and contract management services:

  • Cost Management and Administration 
  • Target Cost and Programme Management 
  • Contract Administration 
  • Commercial Advice and Assistance 
  • Change Control 
  • Overarching financial agreement management, financial planning and reporting


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South African Division established