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Signed first major commission for BP

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OCTIP will provide onshore compression facilities on the Dimlington terminal; rationalise and consolidate the facilities on the BP Easington and Dimlington terminals and re-route the processing of the amethyst stream from the Centrica Storage Ltd Easington Terminal to the BP Dimlington Terminal.

This project comprises of two phases to be completed including construction of new and decommissioning of redundant plant segregated into four areas:

  • Dimlington terminal
  • Easington terminal
  • Onshore link pipelines
  • Modifications to offshore facilities

Long O Donnell Associates's first commission with BP is for the provision of Project Support services for full CDM Co-ordination Services, Health, Safety and Environmental Services to support the pre-construction and construction stages of the project.

Duties included:

  • Provision of F10 notifications
  • Production of pre-tender Health & Safety Information Pack
  • Assist the contractor in developing the Health & Safety Pack
  • Attend pre-contract meetings
  • Compile Health & Safety file for the project databooks
  • Production of Site Waste Management Plan
  • CDM Co-ordination


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Signed first major commission for BP