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National Grid are undertaking a capital upgrade project to replace obsolete gas quality measurement equipment at a number of installations. This equipment is used as part of the fiscal metering equipment to measure various gas parameters, in particular the calorific value. The scheme is the Flow Weighted Average Calorific Value system.

 National Grid Gas has adopted the Flow Weighted Calorific Value approach for the determination of the calorific value of gas in a charging area (Local Distribution Zone/LDZ) as permitted by the Gas (Calculation of Thermal Energy) (Amendment) Regulations. This regulation places additional obligations on National Grid Gas with respect to both a Section 12 calorific value measurement and the provision of “Requisite Metering”.

 Thyson Technologies contract with National Grid includes the requirement to produce Operational Drawings on behalf of National Grid in accordance with their operating processes to control the update of their Operational Drawings.

 Long O Donnell operate under the Engineering Drawing Contract (EDC) and it is this service that is being provided to TTL. The FWACV Project has undertaken gas measurement enhancement at Alrewas AGI.




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Thyson - Alrewas FWCVA